We oppose the pro-corporate trade model of NAFTA and other trade agreements (e.g. CETA and the TPP). We call for a new model of integration that is structured on the principles of equality, self-determination of peoples, protection of women’s, workers’, peasants’, and Indigenous rights, and social and ecological justice. Cooperation and exchange among nations must protect the primacy of human and environmental rights. Finally, we demand transparency and democratic participation in any negotiations.


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In the twenty-three years since North American Free Trade Area of the Americas (NAFTA) was implemented we have witnessed an unprecedented increase in profits and rights of multinational corporations, underscoring a widening economic inequality in North America. With the next round of NAFTA negotiations set for January 23-27 2018 in Montreal, it will be important for organized labor, environmentalists, family farmer groups, and other civil society organizations to show their united opposition to corporate trade deals.

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We call for the construction of a new model of integration, cooperation and exchange among nations that guarantees that any agreement be negotiated with the democratic participation of society, that it be transparent in all of its terms and conditions and that it promote the reconstruction of national, regional and local production chains , on the basis of international cooperation and the sovereignty of each country and with full respect for human, political, economic, social, cultural and environmental rights. In addition, it must guarantee decent work and living wages, irrespective of national origin or migratory status.

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We seek to provide organizations, activists, and civil society across Canada an effective means to have their voices heard through education and events. Here you will find events organised by coalition members and allies.

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The real question on NAFTA and agriculture

By Karen Hansen-Kuhn From The Hill Agribusinesses and commodity groups have been raising alarms lately about the potential impacts of withdrawal from NAFTA, at a time when farmers are already reeling from low prices and falling incomes. Unsurprisingly, the Trump...

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Chapters this Week!

November 24, 2017 - 6:28am The Council of Canadians North Shore chapter recently donated signed copies of Maude Barlow's book 'Boiling Point: Government neglect, corporate abuse and Canada's water crisis' to the Tatamagouche, River John and Pugwash public libraries....

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